Coach and Fan Ejections:

  • If you are ejected, you will sit out the rest of that game and the next game. This is mandatory and does not matter what the reason or severity of the ejection.
  • If you argue and make a scene regarding ejection, you will automatically have to sit out the rest of the weekend.
  • If you make a scene after being ejected, you face a suspension of multiple weekends. This includes walking away yelling, screaming and using vulgarity towards umpires, tournament directors and or other people at the complex.
  • If you get ejected the last game of a tournament, you will be suspended the next game of your next tournament. No matter where that game is being played
  • If you physically touch or hit an umpire, you will be ejected and will face a suspension which could lead to a lifetime ban, going to jail and being sued for abuse.
  • If an umpire restricts you to the dugout, he is trying not to eject you. If you make a scene or don’t follow the instruction you will be ejected.

Player Ejections:

  • If a player is ejected, they will sit the rest of that game. Depending on the situation could face further suspension.