CIS Sandlot Games

May 3
  • 9U - 12U
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Bob Egr - BB
  • $299
May 10
  • 9U - 12U
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Bob Egr - BB
  • $299

Why play in the Sandlot?

  • The purpose of the Sandlot Games is to give players an opportunity to play in an organized-live game to work on batting and defensive/situational game play.
  • Utilizing the pitching machine will look to keep the pace of the game high, with plenty of action!

Sandlot Games Rules

  • No Bunting: unless a catcher is in play there will be no bunting.
  • Stealing is prohibited even with a catcher.
  • Any batted ball that hits the L-screen is ruled a “Dead Ball”.
    • If runners are on base, they will advance one (1) base.
  • Run inning limits.
    • If the batting team reaches six (6) runs in one inning, the inning will end, and teams will rotate.
    • Batting order will resume with the batter who was currently up to bat when the 6th run was scored.
  • Lead offs
    • Players will be given a three (3) step lead off.
  • Pitching Machine
    • Speeds can be adjusted during the game.
    • Adjustments must be agreed upon by both coaches before anything can be changed.
    • Both teams must hit off the machine before adjustments can be made; cannot be changed in the half inning.
    • Batters will be given 6 pitches to make contact. After 6 pitches players will be out and rotate to the next hitter.
  • Time/Inning Limits
    • Teams will play 7 innings or 1:15.
    • No new inning will be started after 1:15 minutes.

Sandlot Showdown Rules!

  • If the game is tied after 7 innings Showdown Rules will be enforced.
  • One pitcher, one fielder, and one player at home plate will take the field.
  • Hitter will be given 4 pitches.
  • When the hitter makes contact, they will run around the bases until they make it home.
  • The fielders must take the batted ball and relay it to the home plate before the hitter reaches home.
  • Each team will be given an opportunity to go in the showdown.
  • Showdown will take place for 2 rounds.
    • After the 2 rounds, if no winner has been declared then each team will take one (1) player to compete in a 3-pitch hit off, furthest hit wins the game.