Central Iowa Sports will be partnering with the Iowa 7on7 Football association to bring the sport to Des Moines, Iowa.

League Overview

Age division: 10U | 12U | 14U

Individual registration for players with volunteer coaches.

12 game season.

D3/Recreation competitive level

6-week season beginning in June, at the Grimesplex Sports Turf facility.

Teams will play two games Wednesday night with game times beginning at 5:30PM.

6th week of season teams will compete in an end of season event with great awards!

Players will register individually for the league.

** Register to the league here **

Players will receive with their registration.

  • Team uniform.
  • Registration into the end of season event.
  • 12 game season.

Player placement on team

Players will be asked to enter in their respective school district, from the information provided the league will then create teams with players that are in the same school district.

Team’s rosters will have no less than 12 players and be maxed out at 14 players.

Volunteer coaches will be required for the event and can register as a volunteer on the player registration portal.

Age Cut-off and Verification

14U Division: Players must be 14 or younger on January 1st of current year.

12U Division: Players must be 12 or younger on January 1st of current year.

10U Division: Players must be 10 or younger on January 1st of current year.

Verification process

Guardians will be asked to provide a valid form of documentation before the start of the season to verify the age of the player.

Valid forms of identification (printed or digital accepted)

-School ID with birthdate

-State ID

– Birth Certificate

Starting Each Game: (More gameplay information available in Rules tab)

  1. Coin Toss or Rock Paper Scissors. The toss of the coin will take place within two minutes of the scheduled start time of the game. The toss will be called by the team captain (Ref’s Discretion) before the coin is flipped. The winning team will begin possession of the ball on the +40-yard line with their choice of hash.

1.1 During Bracket Play the higher seed gets to choose offense or defense to start the game.

  1. A whistle will begin each game.
  2. Each game lasts 25 minutes with a running clock (Overtime in Pool Play).

3.1 The clock only stops for an official timeout, or a coach called timeout.

  1. A whistle will end each game.
  2. The referees and field manager will keep the official score and time on the field for each game.
  3. Mouth guards are required and must be worn at all times by all players except the QB. If a player does not have one, they cannot participate until they do.


  1. Offensive touchdown is worth 6 points.

1.1 Teams may choose to take 1 point.

1.2 Teams may choose to run a play from the 10-yard line for a chance to score 2 extra points.  If the team succeeds the total is 8 points.  If the extra point fails, the team does not get any more than the base 6 points added to their score.

  1. Tiebreaker victory = 1 point.
  2. The ball must be touching or across the goal line for a touchdown to be scored.  If it is deemed by the officials that the ball was caught by a player whose body is in the end zone, but the ball did not touch the goal line before the player with possession is touched down by a defender.  It is not a score.  The ball is placed short of the goal line.
  3. The defense is awarded 2 points for intercepting the ball and awarded the ball at the 40-yard line.  There are NO interception returns.  The whistle is blown when the interception is completed.

In the event of a tie game

  1. Any game that ends in a tie will go to a tiebreaker. There will be a coin toss at the beginning of the tiebreaker with the home team calling the toss. The winner will choose to be on either offense or defense.
  2. Each team will have 1 snap from the 40-yard line, choice of hash.
  3. The team with the deepest completion will be declared the winner of the tiebreaker and will add 1 point to the final score.
  4. If there is no completion, or the deepest completion is equal, the tiebreaker will be repeated with the team that lost the initial coin toss making the choice to either take offense or defense.
  5. This format will be repeated until a clear winner is declared.
  6. This tiebreaker format will be used in all games.

At the conclusion of the 6th week; teams will be seeded based on their current standings of the division.

Shoot-out Bracket format will be used.

  1. All teams will be seeded in the bracket based on Day 1 win/loss and Day 1 schedule. 2. All teams will play a minimum of 3 – 4 games during the event.


  1. Record
  2. Fewest points allowed.
  3. Total points scored.
  4. Point differential total score minus total give up.
  5. Rock Paper Scissors

7on7 league rules will be enforced in accordance with the Iowa 7on7 association.

Iowa 7on7 Official Rules