About us

Thank you for choosing to play Central Iowa Sports. Our goal has always been to provide a fun, competitive, well organized environment for youth sporting events. We organize events for baseball, fastpitch softball and basketball teams.

Central Iowa Sports ran its first USSSA baseball tournament in 2004. That year, there were 61 teams that played in a CIS baseball event. Since then, CIS has grown to run baseball tournaments every weekend during the summer. In 2022, 4,304 teams participated in a CIS ran baseball tournament.

In 2015 CIS added fastpitch softball to our offerings. Fastpitch has a spring/summer, fall and winter season that includes 40+ events. 2022 saw 3,193 teams play softball with CIS.

Central Iowa Sports continues to expand and evolve to provide the best opportunities for youth athletes to be able to complete, learn and enjoy playing sports.